1957 Danelectro U2

This is a 100% ALL ORIGINAL vintage 1957 Danelectro U2 electric guitar. This Dano, serial number 2107, is in very excellent all original cosmetic condition, and represents a perfectly intact well-preserved example. This iconic single cutaway guitar is one of the absolute coolest guitars of the ’50s, and is a must have for both players and collectors. Finding this guitar is hard enough, but finding one in this condition is very difficult, so take advantage of this offer and add this amazing instrument to your arsenal!

First and foremost, this example is in extremely excellent 100% ALL original condition with no issues whatsoever. It is perfectly intact, with NO breaks, NO cracks, NO repairs, NO modifications, and NO changed parts. Yes. 100% original.

This classic single-cutaway Les Paul-influenced  Danelectro features:
– A hollowbody construction from Masonite and Poplar
– (2) Lipstick pickups
– Original stacked CTS pots from 1957 (13773?)
– Coke-bottle style headstock
– Concentric tone and volume controls
– Chrome-plated steel bridge with adjustable Rosewood saddle
– Original white vinyl binding
– Original open gear 3-on-a-side tuning machines
– Vintage canvas gig bag

This guitar plays perfectly, sounds great and looks incredibly awesome. The rather flat radius encourages string-bending, and makes all types of playing particularly easy. The lipstick pickups are famous for producing a beautifully musical and particularly useful tone: loud, warm, robust and really pleasant: they happen to work well when both recording and playing live, as it fits snugly in a mix. However, it is one of the most enjoyable guitars to just sit down and plug in. Great sounding and easy to play, this is truly a great guitar. No, it’™s not an old Les Paul or a vintage Strat, but that’s precisely what makes it great. It really is an alternative, and if you aren’t familiar, the sound will certainly impress upon you the importance of owning a guitar like this. It offers something completely unique, useful and enjoyable. As stated, this guitar has no issues. The action is great, the frets are intact and near perfect, the action is low, the tuning machines hold and the electronics work perfectly.

Cosmetically, the guitar is a strong 9+/10. Most would probably suggest that it’s near mint, but it might be one notch away from being described as such.

The brown canvas gig bag is certainly vintage, and while this guitar could have come with a hard tweed case, it is possible that the gigbag included is an era appropriate alternative.