1956 National Professional

This is a vintage 1957 National Professional electric guitar amplifier. This “Exclusive National Amplifier”, serial number X71706, is not just the rarest Valco amp ever made, nor is it simply the most attractive, it is also happens to be the best sounding. Sure, that may seem like a bold statement, but judging by the commitment to making the Professional an aesthetic masterpiece, in addition to, outfitting the combo with a unique schematic that included a quartet of 6V6 power tubes, it seems fair to assume that National would wholeheartedly support such a claim. This incredibly exceptional example is 100% all original: from all the tubes, to every last cap, it remains in perfectly preserved condition. Considering the rarity of such an amp, it wouldn’t be a stretch to presume that this National Professional is the best example in existence. Amp aficionados, tone fanatics, and vintage collectors alike, be forewarned: this amp is virtually extinct, and there is no other Valco amp like it.

Serial Number: X71706
Speaker Code: 220622 (Jensen P15N)
Transformer Codes: 166542, 220611

This ’57 National Professional Amp utilizes: (1) 5U4, (4) 6V6, (2) 5879, and (2) 12AX7 original tubes through the original 1 x 15″ Jensen Alnico 5 “Concert Series” P15Nspeaker.

Though this amp in not necessarily in mint cosmetic condition, it is surprisingly clean, and would be considered near mint by most. The black grill cloth is in perfect shape, the abstract Miró-inspired, Pollack-esque, modern design tolex is clean and void of stains or rips. There are several seam separation, though they are rather small and insignificant. The chrome “refrigerator” handle is mirror-like in appearance, but the diamond-etched control panel does display some expected oxidation. The other hardware and components are in comparably excellent condition: even the factory special rolling feet are in very fine condition.

The amp sounds incredible. Producing approximately 30watts of extraordinarily rich tone, reminiscent of the best Fender Tweed amps, it is one of the single best all-purpose amps imaginable. Loud enough to move serious air, compact enough to produce studio magic, this amp highly complements most any guitar. It works perfectly, and the original Jensen’s cone is in perfect structural condition.