1956 Magnatone Mark V

This is a vintage 1956 Magnatone Mark V vintage semi-hollowbody electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 51813, is in very good 100% all original condition. Designed by Paul Bigsby, this version Mark V with the split-rectangle inlays and Tele-style Daka-Ware switch tip is both the earliest and most rare incarnation of this incredibly historic instrument. With a neck through, double cutaway construction, the Magnatone Mark V sports an uncanny resemblance to Bigsby’s Billy Byrd model. As the 1956 Magnatone catalog clarifies, ““For the pattern and design of these models, Magnatone is indebted to America’s leading guitar authority, Paul Bigsby.” Interestingly, the Mark V is the only Bigsby-designed Magnatone guitar to also feature a Bigsby vibrato.

This example is in 100% all original condition. All electronics are original, intact, and unmolested. The neck is in perfect structural shape, and there are no cracks, no breaks, and no repairs whatsoever. The thin neck profile feels fantastic, and the guitar plays with incredible precision. The AlNiCo pickups sound absolutely amazing, and the overall vibe of this guitar is spectacular.