1956 Gretsch Electromatic Deluxe 6163W

This is a vintage 1956 Gretsch Electromatic Deluxe 6163W electric guitar amplifier. This particular 6163W example, serial number X71063, features the upgraded “Buff with brown” and “tooled leather trim” appointments that cost an additional $15 and happened to perfectly match and complement your Gretsch Round Up (6130) or your concurrent Chet Atkins (6120). This incredibly well preserved example still has the original Tung-Sol 6550 power tubes and the original tremolo footswitch. Even the most avid and experienced of amp enthusiasts will attest to the absolute rarity of such a piece in this condition, and at this point in the overall scheme of things, finding a better example is most likely out of the question.

Serial Number: X71063
Transformer Codes: 166605
Speaker Codes: 220615 (Jensen), 285617 (Rola)

This amp features; the “Western Finish” boasting a two-tone white/cream tolex, brown tooled leather trim, authentic western belt buckle, brown grill cloth with Gretsch steer head logo screen and the original footswitch!

Amazingly, this amp still sounds UNBELIEVABLE! With a sonic resemblance more like that of a VOX than a Valco, this loud amp is incredibly well-balanced with sweet harmonic overdrive rivaling the best AC-30s. Perhaps it’s the combination of power/pre-amp tube choice with the 15″ speaker, or maybe this amp just has magical mojo, but either way, I have never heard any similar model sound this great. Perfect with a single-coil, this amp produces rich headroom with enough gain to impress your ears.

If the new owner didn’t send me a hand-written “Thank You” note after playing this amp, I would be really surprised…