1956 Fender Princeton

Here is a vintage 1956 Fender Princeton “F52” electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number P00652, is in near impeccable 100% all original condition and includes the original Victoria canvas cover! This bewilderingly unsung model is much better than it’s smaller student model counterpart, The Champ -Amp, and is easily the best small Fender Tweed amp from close microphone proximity. Both the Princeton and the Champ share a simple design, however, this Princeton features a “Tone” control, as well as, a larger cabinet. These two seemingly basic enhancements are both essential for optimal recording and significantly more control. Arguments aside, this is perhaps the best example of an F52 I’ve ever seen.

Serial Number: P00652
Tube Chart Date Stamp: FK (October 1956)
Transformer Codes: 5396, 50256
Speaker Code: 465-642 (Oxford)

As mentioned, this ’56 Fender Princeton is in incredibly clean 100% all original condition. Even the bottom of the amp is in near perfect shape. The entire set of GE tubes is original, intact, and functional. The handle is original and clean, however, one of the ends has fatigued and fallen off. It can probably be restored by a luggage repair facility in an noninvasive manner. An exact spec vintage replacement can probably be purchased for under $100. Other than that, the amp is near pristine.

This amp sounds even better than it looks. It’s tight, responsive and efficient. It overdrives better than most small amps, and the “Tone” control enlists an entire spectrum of sound unattainable by a Champ. The larger cabinet gives it better presence, and a pronounced shape.