1956 Fender Deluxe -Amp

This is a vintage 1956 Fender Deluxe electric guitar amplifier. This 5E3 narrow panel example, serial number D-02824, sounds absolutely incredible and displays serious vintage vibe, major mojo, and a pronounced patina. Considered one of the most iconic vintage guitar amplifiers ever made, the 4-input Tweed Deluxe is an incredible-sounding amp famous for producing Neil Young’s singing sustain and for showcasing Don Felder’s (Eagles) musical solos. Possibly the pinnacle of perfect studio tone, this worn example is original where it counts, and represents a great opportunity to get a vintage Tweed Deluxe for the price of a new boutique copy. This listing includes Free USA Shipping and discounted Worldwide delivery, so if you’re looking for a gig-ready Deluxe, or a studio secret for half the price of a collector’s example, this is the one for you!

Serial Number: D02824
Transformer Codes: 6542, 50246
Speaker Code: 220640 (Jensen P12R)
Tube Chart Date Code Stamp: FK (Nov. ’56)

Sure it’s open to interpretation, but while this may not be the best looking (i.e. well-preserved) example, what it lacks in presentation, it makes up for in performance. This Deluxe looks as if it has been consistently gigged with for the past 50 years: the Tweed exterior is virtually falling off in places, the material of which is fraying like that of an old sweater. While typically the lacquer-coated Tweed darkens with age, this example displays a lighter Tweed patina, from the lacquer having been worn off in most places, and with the consequent light exposure almost bleaching the Tweed on top where it has been scuffed. Somehow, the original grill cloth is intact, with no rips, no stains, nor any significant issues, however, it appears to have been removed for the installation of a non-original tweeter, and then re-installed. This clearly resulted in an extra hole, approximately 4″ in diameter, in the original baffle. Both back panels are present, and the cabinet is structurally strong. The handle was long ago replaced with a reproduction leather interpretation, and the original “Fender Deluxe” plaque/badge has since fallen off. The chassis does exhibit typical oxidation on the face plate, though the original silk screened white numbers and words are still intact and visible.

The amp works perfectly and sounds amazing! It was recently serviced, and numerous caps and tubes were replaced. (None of the replaced components are included.) The amp produces sweet syrupy overdrive with natural and musical compression. The original Jensen P12R has been re-coned by Orange County Speaker and is tight with pronounced power. This is the ultimate player’s amp, and the new proud owner will most definitely keep it for quite some time.1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960