1956 English Electronics Tonemaster

Here is a vintage 1956 English Electronics Tonemaster electric guitar amplifier. This Valco-made amp, serial number X69638, is in very excellent all original condition. With incredibly attractive aesthetic appointments, this Tonemaster features a quintessential retro styling. The beige and black two-tone texture, the large floating chevron on the black grill, and the ever-evocative ’50s “refrigerator” chrome handle, all elevate the amp from a classic cool commodity to an installation art piece. Above and beyond its appearance, the most significant detail is the rare marriage between the high-wattage and its large 15″ speaker. Generally, most mid-50’s amps were underpowered and small, in fact, too underdeveloped to really work well in most contexts. Beautiful and functional, this is a great vintage amp for the collector of esoteric and rare gutiar equipment, as well as, the guitarist searching for that unique and special tone which ignited the Rock’n’Roll explosion.

Serial Number: X69638
Speaker Code: 220615 (Jensen)
Transformer Codes: 166548, 220611
Dimensions: 23″ x 19.25″ x 10.5″

This English Electronics Tonemaster utilizes: (1) 5V4, (2) 6L6, (1) 6SC7, (1) 6SJ7, (1) 6SQ7, and (1) 5879 tubes, all of which are original, through the original 1 x 15″ Jensen Alnico 5 PM “Concert Series” speaker.

For those of you whom really know their vintage guitar history, you also recognize the resemblance in size and schematic to the incredibly valuable Gretsch Electromatic. In fact, if the Tonemaster were to lay on its side, it would then also share the same profile. Perhaps even more scarce than the Gretsch 6163W, this Tonemaster happens to sound a little better. Slightly more simple in design, as the Electromatic Deluxe features a small 6″ auxiliary speaker and a tremolo circuit, the EE Tonemaster offers a more pure and straight-forward tonal approach. Clean, yet immensely warm, at low volumes, and incredibly rich and overdriven when turned up, this amp is like a better Supro Thunderbolt!