1955 Kay K27 Jumbo

This is a vintage 100% all original 1955 Kay K27 jumbo flat top X-braced acoustic guitar. This particular example, serial number 8127, is in nice condition. Kay jumbo acoustics made during the 1950s have gained popularity and wide admiration for both a higher production quality than later Kay guitars, as well as, being great sounding instruments for the value.

This guitar features; a solid Spruce top with X-bracing, figured maple back and sides, and a 5-ply maple neck neck. The K27 has a mounted pickguard with (3) slot-head screws.

More features:
– 2-piece Spruce top
– Curly maple back and sides
– 3-ply binding on top, back, neck and headstock
– Black celluloid headplate with MOP Kay inlay
– Kluson Deluxe “No Line” tuning machines
– Block inlays
– Ebony fingerboard

As can be seen in the numerous high quality photos, this 100% all original guitar is in good original cosmetic condition with several minor issues.

Importantly, this guitar displays NO breaks and NO cracks. The ebony bridge is extremely solid, though it does exhibit a small crack on the bass side through the middle. The top is perfectly flat and not bellying in the slightest. The center seam has been glued to conceal the gap caused from the natural aging process.

With respect to tonality, the curly maple back and sides nicely compliment the 17″ wide Jumbo frame of this K27, which is remarkably similar to a J-200. The neck is perfectly straight, and the neck angle is decent. It plays fine, has high action but could be exceptional with a neck reset. I have owned and used this guitar as-is for over 6 years, so a neck reset isn’t imperative, although it would probably be recommended by most.

It appears the neck was professionally reset many years ago. The original tuning machine buttons recently crumbled, so they were professionally replaced with fresh new buttons. The original bridge pins are included, but fresh attractive vintage style pins are currently installed. The attractive embellishments and inlays have partially fallen out of the headstock, revealing the wood beneath. The guitar does not include a case, though will be shipped appropriately.