1955 Gretsch 6128 “Duo-Jet”

Here is a vintage 1955 Gretsch 6128 “Duo-Jet” electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 15637, is in very excellent, 100% all original, condition and includes the original Gretsch tweed hard shell case. This particular version features a transitional white pickguard carried over from the earlier script logo variety. This no issues example is in well-preserved condition, and remains perfectly intact with no breaks, no cracks, no repairs, and no modifications whatsoever. Clearly a very fine specimen, this beautiful Duo Jet is in crisp collector’s condition with only expected playing wear.

This ’55 Gretsch Duo-Jet features: a chambered mahogany body with the original black finish, first version white acrylic pickguard, a 1-piece mahogany neck, a rosewood fingerboard with block inlays, (2) Dynasonic DeArmond single coil pickups, Melita adjustable bridge and “G” tailpiece, open-back Waverly tuning machines, all chrome-plated hardware, Arrow knobs, and the original Tweed hard shell case.

Famously played by George Harrison, and even used by guitar greats Jeff Beck and Pete Townshend, the Gretsch Duo Jet is an extremely iconic guitar: in its high gloss Jet Black finish, with its unmistakable chrome hardware, the aesthetic alone is enough to make it an important collectible. But when you consider; the tremendously musical DeArmond Dynasonics, the player friendly weight (this one weighs 7 lbs. 7 oz.), the incredible resonance from the chambered design, and the overall dynamic functionality of the electronic configuration, it becomes clear why the Gretsch Duo Jet enjoys the company of early Les Paul Gold Tops, the Fender Tele, and Fender Strat, as the founding fathers of modern electric guitar design. It is simple, highly functional, it performs well, and sounds fantastic.

Though this particular example has been lovingly used, it is very well preserved considering it is nearly 60 years old. With some minimal belt buckle wear along the side of the back, significant playing ear on the back of the neck, along with random dings on the front of the headstock, this guitar is far from perfect. However, it is 100% all original, and the overall presentation is quite beautiful.

The original small frets exhibit playing wear, and do not enable the easiest string bending. The neck profile feels incredible, and the action is perfectly low the entire length of the fretboard. Both pickups are extremely efficient, wonderfully dynamic, and highly musical. Rich, warm, percussive, and articulate, there’s really no other choice when it comes to Rockabilly, early Rock, and even Surf music. But Dynasonics are in no way limited to just ’50s style music, and have been appreciated by just about all types of guitarists representing all genres of music.

The original case is in good strucutral condition, though the original Tweed exterior is fraying and worn. The leather handle was replaced with a vintage plastic one, though it is 100% original otherwise.