1955 Fender Stratocaster

This is a vintage 1955 Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. This particular 1-piece Ash body with Bakelite parts example, serial number 6743, is in well preserved 100% all original condition. Recently purchased from the family of the original owner, this is an incredibly rare opportunity to buy an extremely early uncirculated Fender Strat. This stunning specimen includes; the original Tweed Fender case, the original bridge cover, the original vibrato arm, the original black leather strap, vintage Fender string packets and the original owner’s band’s business card.

Serial Number: 6743
Neck Date: 8-55
Body Date: 7/55
Cavity Tape: “Mary 8-18-55”
Pot Codes: 304517
Weight: 8 lbs 11 oz
Pickup Resistance: bridge 6.09Ω

Research suggests that fewer than 500 Stratocasters were produced in 1955. And since official (standard) production began in October of 1954, the ’55 Strat is considered to be a more refined version of the aforementioned earlier production examples. For this reason, many collectors actually prefer the finish and build quality of Strats made in ’55 to those in ’54. When compared to ’54 Strats, the ’55s tend to weigh less than their earlier counterparts, appear less crude (less contoured, less rounded), have a more attractive sunburst finish color (less amber, less brown) and better resemble the Stratocaster with which most are familiar.

This particular example is incredibly handsome. It displays virtually no fading nor discoloration, exhibits almost invisible weather checking on only a small percentage of the body and fretboard, has both quintessential and attractive patina and is absolutely 100% bone stock without a single screw having been replaced! As can be seen, all the Bakelite parts are incredibly crisp and intact, the finish is gorgeous retaining original luster and coloration, and the 1-piece Ash body is exotic with an immensely sexy grain pattern. The maple neck has very minimal visible wear, and is highly presentable with no weather checking on the pristine headstock! The frets are original, but aren’t too worn, which enables fantastic action and playability to this day!

Other early features include; the no-line Kluson Deluxe tuning machines, the round string tree, a vibrato arm with less of a bend than those issued later, the earliest version non-center pocket Tweed case with a split compartment and ribbon-shaped leather pull tab.

This Strat has one of the best neck profiles imaginable. It’s not too large, and features a very subtle D-shape with an ergonomic shelf. Comfortable and easily managed, it’s the neck type of legend. It plays famously, and feels great. The guitar sounds incredible, though the bridge and middle pickup are lower in output. They produce sound, but bounce around on an ohm meter. Having never been serviced even a single time, I have decided to let the next (2nd) owner decide how to address this. It may be as easy as re-heating an existing solder joint, or may need the pickups to be re-wound.