1955 Fender Princeton -Amp

This is a vintage 1955 Fender Princeton 5E2 electric guitar amplifier. This extremely early production narrow panel tweed example, serial number P00035 which indicates it to be the 35th 5E2 Princeton made, is in good 100% all original condition and is the only year the Princeton features a narrow panel design with the dimension of a tweed Champ cabinet. This transitional model was produced for a fairly limited time (approx. 6 months in ’55), and was succeeded by the larger 5F2 Princeton in January of 1956. With completely original components, including; transformer, speaker, tubes, caps, hardware, handle, and even 2-prong power cable, this 5E2 Princeton may not be pristine, but it remains 100% intact and preserved. Do not miss out on this chance to own a rare 5E2 Princeton in 100% original condition, because whether you’re looking for great studio tone, a compact amp for the collection, or a partner for your mid-’50s Fender guitar, this is certainly a cool piece.

Serial Number: P00035
Tube Chart Date Stamp: EF (June 1955)
Speaker Code: 433108 (Cletron)

Though this amp displays expected scuffing and wear, it is completely original. The original Tweed exterior in good condition, and exhibits a yellowed patina from usual smoke and sun exposure. The original grill cloth is perfectly intact, with no rips, no tears, and no stains. The original chrome control panel has oxidation and minimal surface rust, though the white screening is still very visible. On the under side of the control panel, however, the chassis is very clean and quite crisp. The original leather handle is functional, though it is quite worn, and carrying this amp with it would not be recommended.

The Tweed Princeton still retains all (3) original tubes, including; (1) Blackplate General Electric 5Y3, (1) Blackplate General Electric 6V6, and (1) 12AX7 tubes through an original 1 x 8″ Cletron speaker.