1955 Fender Precision Bass

This is a 100% all original vintage 1955 Fender Precision Bass guitar with the original gigbag, original hangtag, original polish cloth, original polish cloth instruction sheet, original pickup/bridge covers and an exact spec. reissue tweed case. Possibly the cleanest and most original ’55 P Bass to be made available on eBay for a very long time, this exceptional example is in such beautiful condition, it is truly breathtaking. In fact, if money was no object, it would be highly unlikely that one would be able to purchase any 1950s Fender instrument in comparable condition.

Serial Number: 10819
Neck Date: 11-55
Body Date: 12-1-55
Pot Codes: N/A (both pots have solder on codes)
Weight: 9 lbs. 2 oz.

This 100% all original Precision Bass, serial #10819, is in pristine, near mint, cosmetic condition and features; a 2-tone sunburst finish over a one-piece Ash body, one-piece maple neck, white single-ply ABS pickguard, original black pickup with staggered pole pieces, original Stackpole pots, original bridge and pickup covers, original frets, original hardware, original hangtag, original Fender cloth and original Artistic gigbag.

Both the neck and the body display absolutely zero fading and no weather-checking. None. The original nitrocellulose finish on the back of the neck exhibits basically no wear. The sides of the body are in perfect shape, and do not exhibit usual case wear due to being stored in the original gigbag! The original frets have virtually no wear, and the dot inlays are crisp and nicely intact. The original nut is also perfectly intact. The original spaghetti-logo decal is super clean. Aside from some superficial paint flaking in a very small area on the back, the body finish is in excellent, almost near mint shape. The pickguard is not cracked nor broken, and all of the chrome and metal hardware is exceptionally clean. Even the un-used (N.O.S.) polish cloth and mint hangtag are ridiculously clean!

As listed above, this fine P-Bass has a pencil neck date of “11-55,” and a body pencil date of “12-1-55.” Both Stackpole pots retain original un-touched solder joints, which unfortunately cover the pot codes.

 The bass weighs 9 pounds and 2 ounces.

While I wouldn’t recommend actively using this bass, it happens to both play and sound incredible. The neck is perfectly straight. The truss rod works perfectly, although it appears as if it never needed to be turned, as it too is extremely clean. The bass was recently setup with a standard round wound string set, which sounds absolutely fantastic. It produces an extremely rich and warm tone that is highly focused and really beautiful.

The moderate-sized soft C-shape neck profile is one of the most comfortable of any instrument, with an easy and manageable depth and shape, this neck fits perfectly in your hand and enables effortless and enjoyable playability. The original gig bag is in nice condition, although the handle ripped long ago. An exact spec. ’57 G&G tweed case (with the more vintage appropriate lacquer coating is also included.