1954 Gibson Les Paul Junior

This is a vintage 1954 Gibson Les Paul Junior electric guitar in extremely excellent 100% all original condition. This first-year variety is a very special example, in that, it is extremely well-preserved and completely intact. It includes the original soft case, an original strap and the original tuning machines with the corresponding shrunken buttons.

Serial Number: 4 4869
Finish: Sunburst with large yellow center
Neck Profile: Large ’59-style D-shape
Scale Length: 24.75″
Weight: 7 lbs. 5 oz.
Pickup Output/Resistance: 8.23Ω

Both in person and in photos, the fine condition of this guitar truly translates it’s virgin-esque existence. Aside from displaying seemingly inevitable weather-checking and the usual case wear, it is clear this guitar wasn’t seriously used at any point in the last, almost, 60 years. And while that may be a shame (because it’s such an incredibly great-sounding example) it is perfect for those who prefer well-preserved specimens. Well, this is definitely that.

The Les Paul Jr. has arguably become the most revered student model guitar ever produced. The same simple features that made this 1st year production Jr. affordable then are the same that make it so great today. With a single P-90 pickup and an all mahogany slab body/neck construction, the no frills Les Paul Jr. produces simply great tone. Not to mention the fact that most other 1950′s guitars that don the “Les Paul…” silk screen are worth considerably more.

This single-cutaway 1954 Jr. features; the large ’59-style profile neck, an excellent neck angle with correspondingly low action, a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, attractive gold speed knobs, “no-line” Kluson Deluxe tuning machines, (1) dog-ear P-90 pickup, the larger- yellow center sunburst finish (as opposed to the less attractive tu-tone version with a small amount of yellow, seen in early ’54 only), a light-weight wrap-around tailpiece and a faux alligator soft case,

This particular example in very excellent 100% original condition with no breaks, no cracks, no repairs, and no modifications whatsoever. All of the original hardware is in excellent shape, and the original Tobacco sunburst finish is particularly nice as well. This very well-preserved example would rate a strong 9+/10 on a very conservative condition scale. But beyond being a clean unmolested example, this guitar is amongst the best sounding and playing Juniors I have had the pleasure of offering for sale. It is so immensely loud, that I was legitimately concerned for the well-being of the Jensen speaker in my ’59 Fender Deluxe. In addition to producing a much higher output than most, it has extremely musical qualities and is really one of those special Juniors that inspired all of us to want one.

This guitar includes the original leather strap and the original alligator soft case which is in good-great condition. The original tuner buttons are still intact and appear to have fossilized somewhat, though an extra repro set will be included just in case. The guitar weighs 7 lbs. 5 oz., but honestly feels lighter.