1954 Gibson Les Paul Junior

This is a prototype vintage 1954 Gibson Les Paul Jr. electric solidbody guitar. This pre-production example, serial number 4 3593, features an assortment of completely unique prototypical features, and is the only one documented to exist. Gruhn sold a ’53 prototype with the same pre-production bridge placement, for $50,000.00, however, in many ways this guitar is more important and far more interesting. The center-seam 2-piece figured maple body suggests Gibson was interested in establsihing a stronger relatiosnhip between the Les Paul models, and that this ’54 Jr pre-dates 2-piece flam maple ‘Bursts by an entire 4 years! It’s just as much a Les Paul Jr. prototype as it is a foundation for the most important guitar ever made, the Sunburst Les Paul. While high-end jazz guitars commonly showcased a beautiful transparent sunburst finish over figured maple, this Les Paul Jr. may be the first electric Gibson guitar to do so. Thankfully, this guitar has been nicely preserved, and remains in 100% all original uncompromised condition!

Serial Number: 4 3593
Weight: 7 lbs.6 oz.
Pickup Measurements: 7.78Ω

Please allow the photos and comparative illustrations to further illuminate this incredibly special instrument. Once again, this guitar is in perfect structural condition with no cracks, no breaks, no repairs, and no issues whatsoever.

This is a very special guitar with serious historical significance. It is a must have for the ‘Burst enthusiast in search of a defining non-‘Burst, or the Gibson collector who may have thought they had seen it all.