1954 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top

This is a 100% all original 1954 Gibson Les Paul Standard “Gold Top” electric guitar with the original 4-latch brown Lifton case. With serious player’s patina, and the original owner’s name immortalized over the Gibson inlay in vintage decals, this is an absolutely incredible instrument. It has a medium-sized, seemingly soft-V neck profile, a dramatic neck angle, incredible output, tons of sustain, etc. The original P-90s are very strong, very loud, and quite clear. It’s average weight, 8 lbs. 6 oz., and is a formidable guitar. I’ve had many, but this one feels better than most. Even though the original frets aren’t substantial, it doesn’t seem to matter, this thing plays and sounds great. This no issues example is completely intact, though it is missing the toggle ring. The solder joints are intact and untouched, and while clearly worn, all of finish present is original.