1954 Fender Twin

This is a vintage 1954 Fender “Twin -Amp” electric guitar amplifier. This Wide Panel Tweed Twin, serial number 0334, is in very good 100% all original condition. Though the cosmetic condition of this example is fair, it is 100% entirely original aside from the exact spec. replacement leather handle. While one power electrolytic capacitor has been replaced, the original is included. The lacquered Tweed material is tattered and torn, the brown cloth grille is surprisingly well-preserved and intact, but best yet, the original speakers and transformers are in perfect original functional condition! This amp sounds incredibly clear and warm, with a brilliance and presence that is absolutely unparalleled by any other concurrently produced amplifier. While a low-power narrow panel Tweed Twin can fetch over $12,000.00 to the right collector, the Wide Panel Twin is easily the unsung hero with respect to the bang-for-the-bargain factor.