1954 Fender Super -Amp

Here’s a vintage 1954 Fender Super -Amp “5C4” electric guitar amplifier. This particular wide panel tweed example, serial number 5402, sounds absolutely incredible and displays serious vintage vibe, major mojo, and a pronounced patina. Possibly the pinnacle of perfect studio tone, this worn example is original where it counts.

Serial Number: 5402
Transformer Codes: 6516, 1846
Speaker Code: 220515, 220517 (Jensen P10R)
Tube Chart Date Code Stamp: DH (August 1954)

This ’54 Super -Amp utilizes: (1) 5U4 (’60s Sylvania), (2) 6L6 (’70s Sylvania), and (3) original 12AX7 tubes through non-original era-appropriate 2 x 10″ Jensen P10R Standard series speakers. Aside from the inevitable service replacing a couple caps and the electrolytics, this example is in good, mostly original condition.