1954 Fender Princeton -Amp

Here is a vintage 1954 Fender Princeton “5C2” electric guitar amplifier. This particular wide panel tweed example, serial number 3801, is in extremely excellent 100% all original cosmetic condition and still retains all of the original parts including: the tubes, the capacitors, the leather handle, and even the power cable. Smaller student amps were notoriously mis-treated, improperly stored, and often disregarded, so discovering a near perfect example made nearly 60 years ago is quite remarkable.

Serial Number: 3801
Tube Chart Date Stamp: DD (April 1954)
Speaker Code: 220335 (Jensen)

This beautifully crisp 100% all original example is in extremely fine, near mint, cosmetic condition. The original tweed exterior appears like that of a reissue, with only slight discoloration, and no fraying, rips, nor stains. The original grill cloth is in perfect structural condition, and the perfect leather handle nicely contributes to the impeccable presentation of the entire piece. It’s a good sign when even the bottom of the amp is near perfect!

This 5C2 Tweed Princeton utilizes: (1) 5Y3, (1) 6V6, and (1) 12AX7 original tubes (Tung-Sol, Raytheon) through an original 1 x 8″ Jensen Alnico 5 speaker.

As mentioned, this amp is 100% original, down to the tubes! This low-wattage amp is perfect for recording and really impresses an immense tone upon most microphones. This example works perfectly and sounds incredible. This Princeton sounds a lot like a late-50’s Champ with the same iconic saturation. It compresses and envelopes in a really great way. When the volume is slightly turned down, the amp achieves a highly accessible and quite remarkable traditional overdrive that most amp manufacturers wish they could harness. But unlike a Champ, this Princeton has a very usable “Tone” control, which is the only knob the Champ, and other small Volume-only amps, happen to be missing.