1953 Kay K150

Here is a vintage 1953 Kay K150 hollowbody electric guitar. This particularly pristine 100% all original specimen, serial number 6513, is both the cleanest example I have seen, and easily the most playable. The original Thin-Twin pickup sounds beautiful, and the guitar plays better than any concurrently produced Kay solidbody. Since the guitar was barely played over the last 60 years, and it remained strung with minimal tension, the neck is perfectly straight and the neck angle is perfect. Finding a better all original example is probably close to impossible.

Kay introduced the K-150 in 1952 to directly compete with Gibson’s ES-125 model. Similar is basic design and approach, the Kay was offered at $60, and featured: the Thin-Twin (Jimmy Reed) pickup in the middle position, a Brazilian Rosewood pickup surround mount, Bakelite volume and tone control knobs mounted on the upper bass bout, a 16″ body with laminated maple back and sides, a laminated Spruce top, a hardwired 1/4″ interment cable suspended through a small metal washer in the bottom (where a modern day endpoint jack would take it’s place), original Kluson Pat. Pend. 3-on-a-side strip tuning machines, and a non-original hard case.

Serial Number: (K150) 6513
Pot Codes: 304 303
Weight: 4 lbs. 11 0z.

It may not be considered to be in mint condition, but for whatever reason, it’s extremely difficult to find them in original good shape. Most have significant finish damage and changed parts. This would easily achieve an 8.5/10 for condition, and is 100% all original with no issues.