1953 Kay K125

Here is a vintage 1953 Kay K125 electric solidbody guitar. This particular example is in very excellent 100% all original condition and includes the original braided cloth string strap! Though it has no relation, the petite peanut-shaped silhouette of the K125 with its neck-thouguh construction is often compared to it’s concurrently produced counterpart the Harmony Stratotone. Considerably rarer than an H-22, a Silvertone 1361 or a Kay K141, the Kay K125 features the iconic Jimmy Reed Thin Twin pickup with identical faux tortoise appointments. Also re-appropriated for sale by different distributors under the pseudonyms; Rex, Orpheus and Kamico, the Kay moniker is definitely the most recognizable.

The Kay K125 features: a neck through (3-piece) body construction, a rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, (1) Thin Twin single coil pickup, 3-on-a-side Kluson tuning machines, (2) Daka-Ware volume and tone knobs, the original hard wired instrument cable, a rosewood adjustable bridge and trapeze tailpiece.

Incredibly, the neck is perfectly straight, and the action is as low as it could possibly get. Fortunately, unlike the notoriously poor-playing Harmony Stratotones which require serious neck restoration, the Kay K125 was not plagued with playability issues. The neck is straight, the action is low, and the frets display minimal wear. The overall condition of this student model/entry-level guitar is particularly impressive, and it remains in excellent working condition. The original Kluson tuning machine buttons had crumbled, and have since been replaced by exact spec versions.

Clearly, at one point, this guitar was factory finshed in a dark sunburst. Apparently, many years ago, the finish was professionally removed, and the guitar was sealed in a light nitrocellulose clear coat that looks as old as the instrument itself. As a result, it feels better, looks better, and most likely sounds better.