1953 Fender Telecaster

Here’s a vintage 1953 Fender Telecaster electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 3614, is in very nice 100% all original condition and includes a non-original hard shell case!

There’s nothing note-worthy I could add to the volumes of praise and historical significance surrounding the early ’50s Fender Black Guard Teles that hasn’t already been published. Clearly, one of the most important guitars ever made, the ’52 Fender Tele has since become an icon in it’s own right. With Broadcasters being evaluated by blue books at a value exceeding $100,000.00, and the identical Nocaster being worth over $50,000.00, I still find these prices to be justified. In a way, Leo Fender’s original Broadcaster design (later being re-appropriated with the Telecaster moniker) is the impetus for the musical revolution that imminently followed. The ever-amazing part, however, is that this original design was brilliant and perfect, and that early Black Guard Telecasters and Esquires are considered to be some of the best guitars ever made. From 1950-1954 Black Guard Teles were produced in somewhat limited numbers, with approximately 1,000 Telecaster models made. Of those which have survived in nice original condition, it would be tough to find a better playing, better sounding, better looking example.

Not only does this guitar sound great and feel fantastic, it is easily one of the best Black Guards I’ve sold. The neck is perfectly straight, and the original frets have enough life left to make it a pure joy to play. The soft-V neck shape profile is the stuff of legend, and has to be the best neck shape ever sculpted by the Fender factory. Once again, take a look at the photo of the guitar on the scale, this guitar barely weighs 7 pounds! That is about 1/2 lighter than the average Tele!