1953 Fender Precision Bass

This is a vintage 1953 Fender Precision Bass electric bass guitar. This particular example, serial number 0715, is in excellent 100% all original condition and includes an authentic reissue hard case! With a Butterscoth blonde finish and a large black bakelite scratch plate, the first generation Precision Bass shares a kindred cosmetic configuration to it’s electric guitar counterpart, the “Black Guard” Telecaster. This well-preserved P Bass has been owned by the same collector for many years, and is a fantastic uncirculated example of a very rare and desirable early Fender instrument. With both the original bridge and pickup covers, it would be difficult to find a more intact version.

Serial Number: 0715
Neck Date: 6-5-53
Body Date: 7-28-53
Pickup Resistance/Output: 9.05Ω
Weight: 8 lbs. 10 oz.

With very subtle and light wear patterns, this ’53 P Bass has an incredibly attractive patina. Clearly it was enjoyed by a respectful owner for many years, as it remains in well-preserved cosmetic condition.

The bass plays wonderfully and sounds fantastic. Completely functional and without issue, this P Bass is highly representative of why this era P Bass became so popular.