1953 Fender Deluxe -Amp

Here’s a vintage 1953 Fender Deluxe “5C3” electric guitar amplifier. This particular wide panel tweed example, serial number 1478, sounds absolutely incredible and displays vintage vibe, major mojo, and a pronounced patina, while remaining in very nice intact and original condition. Considered one of the most iconic vintage guitar amplifiers ever made, the Tweed Deluxe is an incredible-sounding amp famous for producing Neil Young’s singing sustain and for showcasing Don Felder’s (Eagles) musical solos. Possibly the pinnacle of perfect studio tone, this subtly worn example is completely original and quite attractive. Interestingly, a serious contingency of tone enthusiasts actually prefer the wide panel 5C3 Deluxe to the later 4-input narrow panel 5E3.

Serial Number: 1478
Transformer Codes: 6452, T538
Speaker Code: 220325 (Jensen P12R)
Tube Chart Date Code Stamp: CL (Dec. 1953)

This ’53 Fender Deluxe features a surprsingly nearly intact original matching tube set, including; (1) original RCA 5Y3, (2) original Philips 6V6, (1) original RCA 6SC7, and (1) non-original 12AY7 tube with the original 1 x 12″ Jensen P12R Concert Series speaker.

Though this example exhibits all of the usual and expected wear patterns, it still presents quite nicely, and is rather intact. While some areas of the tweed covering are peeling and fraying, there are no damaged portions, rather, all of the wear is simply a result of natural aging compounded with regular use. The dark brown linen grille cloth is highly intact with one very small puncture mark near the bottom of the wide panel border. Both back panels are intact with original tweed, and the original leather handle is in good condition, though it is clearly quite fatigued.

Aside from a couple very negligible service upgrades, including; a 3-prong power chord, a replaced preamp tube, and an upgraded 1/4 speaker cable jack, this amp is in otherwise 100% all original condition.