1953-1954 Fender Poodle Case

This is a vintage Fender guitar case made by Bulwin Mfg. Used with, and appropriate for, both production models at the time, this “poodle” case will work for a 1953-1954 Telecaster/Esquire or 1954 Stratocaster. Perhaps most associated with the introduction of the Fender Stratocaster in 1954, this case was used prior to such when coupled with black guard Telecasters and Esquires the previous year. This very rare case was produced for approximately one year, and with many having been trashed and discarded, there are definitely more guitars than there are cases, making the this case more rare than the guitar it was made to protect.

Exhibiting expected evidence of wear, all of the latches work perfectly. The handle is perfectly intact, and the case is extremely well preserved considering the fragile nature of the construction.

The red interior is in remarkably good shape, though does show signs of having stored a guitar for many years, with an imprint of a Tele body inside. This accessory compartment is still intact and functional with the original leather tab in excellent shape. The interior does not smell nor emit an odor.

While there is conflicting documentation and inaccurate history regarding the “poodle” case from several online sources, the photographic evidence confirms that the same case was used for both the 1953-1954 Fender Telecaster/Esquire, as well as, the 1954 Fender Stratocaster.