1952 Fender Pro -Amp

Here’s a vintage 1952 Fender Pro -Amp “5B5” electric guitar combo amplifier. This particular TV Front tweed example, serial number 2900, is completely serviced and ready to play. Perfect for the studio, this example works perfectly and sounds exceptional. While not necessarily the finest example, this is a very intact original specimen, and it happens to sound great.

Serial Number: 2900
Speaker Code: 220149

This ’52 Fender Pro utilizes: (1) original RCA 5U4, (2) 6L6, and (3) original 6SC7 (RCA, Sylvania) tubes through the original 1 x 15″ Jensen P15N speaker. This example has been completely serviced including replacing every cap, the electrolytic caps, as well as the power tubes and an upgraded 3-prong cable.