1952 Fender Danny Gatton Telecaster

Here is a vintage 1952 Fender Telecaster electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 3686, is in very good mostly original condition, aside from several modifications performed by a previous owner, who happened to be The Telemaster himself, Danny Gatton. Owned and played by Danny Gatton during the mid-1970’s, he performed his usual volume pot replacement service, as well as, had a clear coat of nitrocellulose lacquer applied over the entirety of the original neck. He denoted his ownership himself under the bridge pickup and inscribed within its cavity, “DANNY GATTON, FEB 19 1975…” and continued with the addition of his home phone number along side his name, cleanly written in ballpoint pen “…301 248 5909.” Since this guitar belonged to a very famous producer for the last several decades, its provenance was unknown and not very well documented, in fact, we are still trying to piece together the story and any info or help would be much appreciated. Considering its well-preserved condition, and subsequent surprisingly clean shape, it may be deduced that this wasn’t one of his main guitars, however, it was clearly important enough to claim as his own, and attempt to bring it up to Danny Gatton’s standards of playability and functionality. Though we currently don’t have photographic evidence of such, it also appears to have featured the base plate for his famous gadget The Magic Dingus Box at one point, judging by the slight discoloration where it would have once been. Danny Gatton wasn’t just the most extraordinary Telecaster player of all time, rather, he is remembered as one of the most talented and accomplished guitarists in history, and his ever-evolving legacy has established him amongst the greats. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own one of Gatton’s guit’s, as we have not been able to find a recorded sale through any known forum. Please take the time to enjoy our 99 photos of this fine guitar and its original Poodle/Half-Thermometer case, and remember we proudly offer fully insured Worldwide shipping!

Serial Number: 3686 (on bridge plate)
Neck Date:œ “T.G. 12-23-52” (Tadeo Gomez)
Body Date: “Eddie 12-11-52”
Weight: 7 lbs. 5 oz.
Neck Pickup Resistance/Output: 7.37Ω
Bridge Pickup Resistance/Output: 6.57Ω

This late-’52 Fender Telecaster features: a maple neck, a 1-piece Ash body, the original butterscotch blonde finish, “no-line” Kluson tuning machines, knurled chrome-plated brass knobs, transitional combination of both slot and phillips head screws, early 1″ 12th fret dot separation.

As briefly discussed, the neck displays very old overspray, as the decal was slightly rubbed and the fingerboard wear is under the current coat. Otherwise, the decal, the frets, the nut, the tuning machine post holes, the pencil date, and dot markers are all original and intact. The body, however, is entirely original and remains in quite fine condition with only slight playing wear on the back of the body and expected random dings. In addition to the neck overspray, the volume pot was replaced in 1975 with a CTS potentiometer, obviously within a reasonable time frame from when Gatton first wrote in the guitar during maintenance.

The guitar feels absolutely incredible, and sounds amazing. It is hands down the best black guards I’ve ever heard. Both pickups are efficient, loud, well-balanced, and non-microphonic with incredibly twangy response. It is quite easy to understand why Danny Gatton owned this particular Tele, as they really don’t get much better.

As pictured and explained, the guitar includes the original Poodle case, which is in good vintage condition.

This late-’52 has lots in common with Danny’s ’53, and it’s possible that this guitar left the factory in ’53 as well.