1950s RCA Type 77-D

This is a vintage 1950’s RCA Type 77-D velocity ribbon poly-directional microphone. This particular example is in extremely fine all original cosmetic condition and includes the original matching RCA Type 91-B microphone stand. This mic was re-ribboned by Wes Dooley of AEA less than 2 months ago, and has NOT been used since. It is in studio-ready, like-new, condition, so if you’ve been searching for THE one, look no further.

– New Ribbon
– New Mogami XLR cable

- Original Type 91-B Desk Stand

The RCA Type 77-D Poly-directional Microphones MI-4045 is a high-fidelity micro­phone of the ribbon type which may easily be adjusted to obtain a variety of directional patterns. Since the MI-4045 micro­phone is primarily intended for broadcast use, it is finished in satin chrome and a low-gloss umber-gray enamel. Instead of being open on both sides as in the conventional velocity microphone, the ribbon element in this microphone is coupled to an acoustic labyrinth, which forms the body portion of the microphone. The tube connecting the back of the ribbon to the labyrinth is slotted directly behind the ribbon, and fitted with an adjustable shutter to secure various areas of opening. When the opening is completely closed, the microphone operates as a non-directional pressure microphone; at the wide-open position the microphone becomes bi-directional. The plate is marked U, N and B, as symbols for the uni-directional, non-directional and bi-directional pat­terns. Three additional markings L-1, L-2 and L-3 are used as reference points for other directional patterns which may be obtained.

77D, 77-DX, 77DX