1950s Feather LG-50

This is a vintage late-50’s Feather LG-50 solidbody electric guitar in absolutely like new, NOS, all original condition! This very early Japanese (MIJ) electric guitar was made by Guyatone, however, it was distributed and exported through many other brands, and appeared with numerous monikers, including; “Ibanez,” “Teisco,” “Antoria,” “Maestro,” and of course, as this one is labeled, “Feather.” This exact version was used by Hank Marvin and Johny Guitar, of The Shadows fame, the same one which is pictured with Ringo Starr below. Rory Gallagher and even Jeff Beck supposedly used this same model while in the UK. Ry Cooder has re-appropriated several of the Guyatone pickups, having installed them into other guitars and “Coodercasters.” The neck pickup of which was transplanted into the neck position of his famous Sonic Blue ’67 Fender Strat. Perhaps the most special part of this example, is the fact that it is in completely NOS, as new, original condition. It remains in the original plastic shipping bag, and includes the original strap, original instrument cable, and the original hard case with corresponding case key.

This example is in absolutely impeccable, 100% all original shape. It is in near perfect cosmetic condition, with no evidence of use nor wear. As can be seen, it appears to have been preserved in the original plastic packing bag since new. Without doubt this is the best documented example of this fairly popular model, so for collectors and enthusiasts, this is the one to own!

Due to it being nearly hermetically sealed since new, it’s in perfect cosmetic condition, as well as, perfect structural shape. It has newer flat wound strings, and plays fine with the factory setup. The pickups sounds great, and the electronics work flawlessly.