1948 Martin 00-17

This is a vintage 1948 Martin 00-17 vintage flat top acoustic guitar. Easily the finest pre-1950 Martin I have ever seen in person, this example (serial number 106354) is in incredibly immaculate cosmetic condition and correspondingly perfect structural shape. Sparing some very minimal superficial case wear, this guitar is a strong 9.7/10. It is quite evident that this pristine specimen was never used, played nor displayed. Even the original Leopard-texture Geib soft case is in astonishingly excellent shape. Martin collectors do not hesitate, this is the only 00-17 worth owning. This no-issues example is in 100% all original condition with no need for the usual neck reset nor the inevitable trip to the luthier.

This is guitar is so clean, it is literally shiny. Every part of this guitar reflects, and without weather-checking, the glossy original finish is seemingly mirror-like. The original open-back Kluson tuning machines display the most lustrous nickel I have seen on a guitar of this age. There is no fret wear, and barely any visible scratch wear on the tortoise pickguard.

It plays quite well, and the neck angle is near perfect with absolutely no need for an imminent neck rest. The back of the neck does not exhibit even the slightest playing wear.