1946 Gibson J-45

This is a vintage 1946 Gibson J-45 flat top acoustic guitar. Arguably the most famous acoustic guitar ever produced, the Gibson J-45 was originally introduced in 1942. Since war-era production instruments were approached with the thoughtfulness to maximize limited resources, there was a high element of focus and the necessity for refined craftsmanship, which clearly translated into higher-quality guitars. While this guitar was made after WWII in ’46, all of it’s features and specifications conform to those produced during the war effort. While this guitar has survived nearly 70 years in 100% all original condition, the structural integrity of such hasn’t been so lucky. This guitar suffered a catastrophic impact on the bottom, near the strap pin, with splits and all. Possibly related, there are numerous large back cracks as well. Incredibly, the top is crack-free and perfectly flat. The bridge is completely secure with no separation evident. The original neck angle is solid and intact, and the neck is in perfect structural condition with no cracks, no breaks, and no repairs. The finish on the neck, back and sides is crackling in a severe manner, and appears to have been the result of high heat exposure, though the wood itself is intact and unaffected.

This ’46 Gibson J-45 features; very large profile neck, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with a 1 3/4″ nut width, original nut, original script “Gibson” logo, original 3-on-a-side open-back Kluson plate tuning machines with original buttons, original frets, original small rectangular profile bridge with original saddle, matching set of (6) original bridge pins, original tortoise material tear drop pick guard, original sunburst finish on top, original walnut finish on back/sides/neck, vintage Kluson strap pin.

As previously mentioned, this guitar needs expected professional luthier work to be in top functional shape. While it has never been repaired nor modified, extended exposure to a dry and a temperamental climate created inevitable cracks and paint-flaking. The neck angle is quite nice, and it should play nicely if simply strung.