1946 Gibson BR-6

Here’s a vintage 1946 Gibson BR-6 electric (lap steel) guitar amplifier. This particular example is in excellent all original vintage condition. While some are more familiar with the BR-6 from the mid-’50s, this particular variety is actually a first-year model, and features the triptych shower curtain grillecloth, brown tolex a, taller vertical cabinet profile, and a singular volume control.

This ’46 Gibson BR-6 utilizes: (1) 5Y3, (2) 6V6, (1) 6SL7 and (1) 6SN7 original RCA and Tung-Sol tubes through the original 1 x 10″ Rola Speaker (285652). As mentioned, this amp is all original condition, including; the speaker, transformers, tubes, capacitors, and all other resistors, wiring, etc.

Originally complemented by the lap steel with the same model designation, this amp would also be nicely paired with any ’40s ES-125, ES-150, or any other cool ’40s electric hollowbody, not to mention, a fantastic amp for studio use.

Tested prior to listing, this amp works perfectly and sounds great. The speaker is in great shape, and the amp is surprisingly good sounding. With healthy output, and clear organic overdriven tone, this amp is a lot of fun. A single knob, and (2) inputs, there’s no room for interpretation, just plug-in-and-play.