1942 Slingerland Super Swing Krupa Radio King

Here’s a vintage 1942 Slingerland Super Swing Krupa “Radio King” 4-piece drum set. Recently purchased directly from the original owner, seen in the first photo as a young boy with the set being auctioned, this particular drum kit is in extremely excellent, completely intact, all original condition, and includes: the original 28″ kick drum, the original 14″ snare, the original 13″ rack tom, the original 12″ rack tom, original Alejian cymbals, miscellaneous percussion pieces, vintage sheet music, and even all of the original hardware. His mother meticulously sewed padded canvas covers the month they were gifted to him, which nearly perfectly preserved the set, while the rest of the hardware was neatly organized in an era-appropriate fibre case. Considering the condition of this spectacular specimen, it would be unfathomable to consider a better example in existence. Those of us who value condition will hold this kit with utmost regard.

This ’42 Slingerland Radio King drum set includes:
– 8″ x 14″ Broadway Standard Snare Drum
– 16″ x 28″ Bass Drum with orig. muffler
– 13″ x 15″ Rack Tom
– 12″ x 14″ Rack Tom
– (2) Alejian cymbals
– (1) no-name original brass hi-hat
– (2) cowbells
– (1) wood block

The condition of all of the drums is very fine. The marine pearl wrap is slightly faded, the integrity of which is not compromised in any way. All of the calf-skin drum heads are original aside from the top snare head. 7/8 heads are original. It even includes all of his original Gene Krupa signature drum sticks.