1942 Deagan Diana Model 40

Here is a 100% all original vintage 1942 Deagan Diana Model 40 Marimba. This particular example, serial number 1659, was co-designed by JC Deagan and Clair Omar Musser, and is considered to be one of the best-sounding Deagan instruments, in part, due to this famous collaboration between the (2) obvious geniuses in the field. While this elegant marimba measures 70″ long, it breaks down and folds up for easy transportation and shipment.

The Diana marimba design was introduced in 1938 as “An Irresistible Combination of Exquisite Beauty, Superlative Tone and Low Price.” It came on the market two years after the more expensive Deagan Imperial model (designed by Deagan only) as a moderately priced alternative that maintained superior tone and appearance.

Designed to be highly portable (as briefly mentioned before), it used the standard Deagan tubular “deluxe wheel rack” frame construction from earlier instruments with split rails for the bars, as well as lightweight, tempered-aluminum resonators, which were finished “in a richly shaded gold bronze lacquer” and split for ease of packing.

This entire pre-War Marimba was made from only premium materials and supplies. The wooden tone bars are made from the finest Brazilian rosewood. All metal parts of the Deagan Marimbas are highly polished and triple nickel plated and all wooden parts are finished in natural wood and highly polished the same as a Piano. The floor racks on which the Deagan Marimbas are mounted are of the famous Deagan design and are made of the finest seamless Steel Tubing and are of the slip joint type, there being no screws to get loose or out of order. The frames on which the bars are mounted are of the very finest native quarter sawed white oak and on the wooden instruments the bars are suspended above the frames between posts so that the bars do no come in contact with anything but the supporting cord, thus leaving them free to vibrate.

Deagan Marimbas were especially designed for traveling use and the instruments can easily be taken apart, packed and stored in a very small space, and any Deagan Marimba can be taken down and packed or unpacked and set up in but a minute’s time.

J. C. Deagan, the manufacturer of Deagan Marimbas, is universally recognized as being the world’s greatest acoustician, and as Deagan Marimbas are built by Marimba specialists, in the finest musical instrument factory in the world, under the most critical supervision and by artisans skilled with many years training in the manufacture of high class musical instruments it necessarily follows that no one can produce an instrument equal to the Deagan Instrument.