1940s Leedy 3-Piece Drum Set

Here is a vintage 1940s Leedy 3-piece drum set. This particular drum kit is in good original, completely intact, condition, and includes: the original 28″ kick drum, the original 14″ snare, an original 11″ rack tom, and even several pieces of incredible accessory hardware. Particularly understated in a very attractive white finish, this rare kit would be perfect for achieving huge kick drum sounds. Since the set is not in overwhelmingly excellent shape, it would even be a good candidate for utility live use.

Included pieces:
– 6″ x 14″ Broadway Standard Snare Drum
– 13″ x 28″ Bass Drum with orig. muffler
– 7″ x 11″ Rack Tom
– Leedy “Stay Put” Drum Stick Holder
– Leedy Accessory Tray
– Original rack mount brace

This originally matched transitional 3-piece kit includes a Leedy Broadway Standard double-row 8-lug snare and corresponding Leedy hardware. Produced sometime during the early-mid 1940s, this is an average example of a very desirable drum set. Perhaps most extraordinary is the monstrous, in both sound and stature, kick drum. Matt Chamberlain has been known to use this exact style large profile 28″ kick on recordings. Interestingly, instead of featuring an actual wrap, this kit has a very attractive nitro lacquer paint job, which remains in nice fairly well-preserved condition. The rack top has the original calf skin head tacked to the bottom.