1940s Ampro PA-3

Here’s a vintage 1940s Ampro PA-3 projection amplifier. Possibly the best sounding guitar amp I’ve ever heard, I purchased every single example I could find, regardless of condition, in hopes to recreate the magic from my first. This particular example, serial number 1511, is in nice vintage cosmetic condition, however, I was never able to properly service the amp to factory specs., which is when they sound their best. Unfortunately, I know little about this particular model amp, aside from the fact that it can produce better-than-Marshall tone. Most are familiar with Ampro as a projector company, and enthusiasts are well aware of their cool 12″ cabinets, however, very few have been able to fully experience their masterpiece in audio design, showcased by the PA-3. With large red bakelite chicken head knobs, (2) Ampro-labeled VU meters, and a quintessential Art Decco aesthetic, this amp doesn’t just look amazing, it happens to sound even better. Nearly identical to it’s PA-4 successor, the PA-3 was installed in large theaters to produce audio for the movie-going audience. With a very sophisticated triple-rectified dual 6L6 design, the PA-3 produces an unparalleled richness with highly musical overtones.

The Ampro PA-3 utilizes: (2) 6L6, (1) 5Z3, (2) 5V4, (1) 6F6, (1) 6N7, (3) 6J7, and (1) 6H6 tubes.