1938 Martin 000-18

This is a vintage 1938 Martin 000-18 flat top acoustic guitar. This particular pre-war, golden-era, auditorium size Martin gutiar, serial number 70873, is in average original condition with a small assortment of originality and structural issues, which makes it perfect for a player, or a great opportunity for someone with the time and energy to take it on as a profitable project. With a high blue book value of $20,000.00, this scalloped and forward braced 000-18 guitar has been priced accordingly, so scroll through 70+ super high resolution pics and make us an offer, because these rarely come up for auction online, if at all.

As mentioned above, if this example were in intact all original condition, we would value it around $20,000.00, but since it has several typical Martin issues with correspondingly poor repair attempts, we have reduced theoretical asking price to a realistic and extremely fair amount.

The following is a list of original parts and/or pieces;

– original Spruce top
– original Ebony fingerboard
– original Brazilian Rosewood bridge
– original Tortoise pickguard
– original Mahogany neck/back/sides
– all original scalloped bracing
– original bridge plate
– (3) original bridge pins
– original strap pin
– original bridge saddle
– original 1 3/4″ nut
– original frets
– original Grover tuning machines
– (5) original hexagonal tuner grommets
– original Martin decal

The following is a list of issues, repairs, and or outstanding problems;

– oversprayed top with evidence of light sanding
– sanded bridge
– repaired damage near end pin with touch up finish work
– repaired (lightly glued) side crack
– neck re-set with dowel through neck block
– oversprayed Brazilian rosewood headstock veneer
– light overspray on Ebony fingerboard, which has mostly been worn off from decades of playing

The gutiar does not display cracks, breaks, or splits in the top of the guitar, the back, nor the headstock. The guitar is structurally intact, and all of the braces seem strongly adhered, with no audible evidence of fatigue or distortion.

The previous attempt at a neck reset was rather archaic and unfortunate, and still failed to address the issue, which was later compensated by sanding the soundhole side of the bridge down to lower the action. The string height is currently 7/42″ at the 12th fret.

The guitar plays fine, and actually sound really good. It definitely has lots of potential, and with a little work, would be the best guitar in most anyone’s arsenal. Jump atop this opportunity, as it won’t last long, and another won’t come along anytime soon.