1938 Epiphone Electar

This is a vintage 1938 Epiphone Electar electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number 2247, is in poor all original vintage condition, and appears to have been painted black many years ago. While the originality of the exterior of the amp has been compromised, the inteirior is nearly 100% original to this day. Perhaps if someone had the right technique, the covering could be treated and restored.

This ’38 Epiphone Electar amp utilizes: (1) Sylvania 80, (1) Sylvania 80, (1) RCA 6L6, and (1) RCA 78 original tubes through the original 1 x 10″ Jensen G10R Speaker.

Prior to listing, this amp was thoroughly tested and was found to work perfectly. It is louder than it looks, and actually sounds quite nice! This is a very early example of a tube guitar amplfier made by the Epiphone company of New York. With a singular Volume control, there is absolutely no room for user error, and it just sounds good all of the time.

As can be seen in the photos, all of the caps appear to be original, so the replacement of one or several will be inevitable. It also has a non-grounded 2-prong cable, something that should be replaced if the amp is to be used in a studio setting or noise-sensitive environment.