1936 Gibson ES-150

Here’s a vintage 1936 Gibson EH-150 electric guitar amplifier. This particular first-generation Tweed example with symmetrical leather corners, is in poor original cosmetic condition with mean mojo, but has been completely serviced and is currently studio-ready. Previously painted 2 different colors, the amp has been stripped down to reveal it’s original striped Tweed exterior, applied to the cabinet by the Geib case company. With elements of the after-market paint still highly visible, and drips of paint thinner having stained the Tweed material, this amp has serious patina and displays an all-around storied aesthetic. Since this amp remains 99% original, it is perfect for a player more preoccupied with tone and sound than an artifiact in collectible condition.

This first variety Gibson EH-150 amplfier features; (1) 5Z3, (2) 6N6, (1) 6C5, (1) 6N7, and (1) 6F5 original tubes through the original Gibson-labeled 1 x 10″ High Fidelity speaker, serial number 3210.

This amp has been serviced and works great. In my opinion, the EH-150 has the potential to be the best sounding small amp. I own several that I would put up against any Tweed Deluxe. This one sounds killer, but could use matched power tubes, better preamp tubes, and perhaps a hot rod service. The speaker is in good condition with slight fatigue, but it has the original cone, and it still sounds great. An incredible complement for a humbucking pickup, this is a seriously underrated amp.