1933 Martin 00-17

Here is a vintage 1933 Martin 00-17 flat top acoustic guitar. This particular example, serial number 52676, is in fair all original condition and includes a non-original soft case. This scalloped-braced, small-bodied, 14-fret, entirely-mahogany, acoustic guitar was made during Martin’s “Golden Era,” and while this period is best known for its incredibly fine craftsmanship, it also signifies the impetus for the modernization of the 20th century acoustic guitar.

This ’33 Martin 00-17 features: an all mahogany construction (top, back, sides, and neck) a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, 1 3/4″ nut width, a Brazilian rosewood bridge, vintage open-back Grover 3-on-a-side tuning machines, scalloped X-bracing, original black pickguard, original “bar” frets, “Martin” stamped on back of headstock, original bridge pins, exact spec strap pin replacement, and a non-original soft case.

Aside from a large crack resulting from an impact on the side of the guitar, which has since been poorly repaired, the guitar is in surprisingly nice structural condition. There are no cracks, no breaks, nor repairs, anywhere else on the guitar. Though there appears to be a seam separation along the bottom 2″-3″ of the top, it does not go through, and is actually quite difficult to see with the naked eye.

The original bar frets are in excellent condition, and the original bridge is firmly and cleanly affixed to the top. The top itself does not display any bellying whatsoever. The neck is straight, but the neck angle is poor, resulting in 3/16″ string height, which can only be significantly altered with the aid of a neck reset. The guitar is somewhat difficult to play, but it really sounds great. It is very loud, and highly transparent. The original tuners hold tune, and function well.

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate project with the potential for the most rewarding results, look no further. Upon a proper neck reset and re-assessment of the side damage, this guitar will be an absolute gem. Perfect for recording, home strumming, or serious gigging, finding a better budget vintage Martin will be tough. With D-18s from this era being worth over $50,000.00, the lesser models represent a great opportniuntiy to buy the same craftsmanship and quality instrument for much much less.