1931 Dobro Model 55

This is a vintage 1931 Dobro Model 55 vintage acoustic resonator guitar. This particular round neck example, serial number 2 2154, is in very excellent 100% all original condition, and includes; the original soft chipboard case sporting a Dobro emblem within, the original Dobro sales pamphlet (incredibly rare), a vintage era-appropriate rope strap, as well as, miscellaneous sheet music and ephemera.

This early and stunning specimen was made in the Los Angeles, CA Dobro factory and features the early “Pat. Pend.” chrome cover plate with the screw pattern incorporating one placed at the 12’o’clock position, a slotted headstock, an incredibly well-preserved bound Red Bean fretboard, a sunburst Walnut finish, an unbound 3-ply Birchwood body construction with 2 screen holes, a stamped “hub cap spider” aluminum cone, a 12-fret Mahogany neck, 3-on-a-side plate tuners, chrome-plated brass harp tailpiece, all original hardware with original soft shell case!

As previously mentioned, this example is exceedingly clean. It is so exquisite, it better resembles the cosmetic integrity of a reissue rather than an original. This early example was made prior to those later made by Regal in Chicago, and is an absolute premium variety made during the golden age of Dobro’s manufacturing prowess.

This guitar plays and sounds as good as it looks. The action is remarkably low, and while it’s not the lowest by any means, it is highly playable with respect to others. The neck profile is extremely comfortable, and the cone produces a crisp and clear tone void of unwanted distortion.