1930s Ludwig “Swing Session” Drum Set

Here is a vintage 1930s Ludwig “Swing Session” 4 piece drum set. This particular drum kit is in good all original and intact condition and features: an understated marine pearl wrap with emblems comprised of several strips of orange and purple sparkle to make for an era appropriate art deco inspired appointments. Including some original heads and all original hardware, this drum set is incredibly attractive and presents quite nicely.

Included pieces:
– 7 x 14″ Paramount Snare Drum
– 14 x 28″ Zephyr Bass Drum
– 9 x 14″ Zephyr Rack Tom
– 9 x 13″ Zephyr Rack Tom
– Leedy Cow Bell
– Chrome hardware

This originally matched transitional 4-piece kit includes a WFL snare and Leedy hardware. Produced sometime during the late-30’s, this is a rare example of a very desirable drum set.

Perhaps most extraordinary is the monstrous, in both sound and stature, kick drum. Matt Chamberlain has been known to use this exact style large profile 28″ kick on recordings. All of the drums sound great and work perfectly, though the wrap has split in several areas on several drums.