1929 Martin Style 1 Ukulele

Here is a vintage, circa 1929, Martin Style 1 ukulele. This entirely Mahogany Style 1, or 1M as it is sometimes referred to, features the stamped “C.F. Martin Co. Nazareth, PA” on the back of the peghead solely, and is too early to have a decal on the front. Since this example is non-serialized, the appointments and build quality suggest it was made between 1928-1933, however, the hand-shaped headstock profile may further refine the approximate era to the earliest portion thereof, pinning production sometime during the late-’20s. With simple wood binding along the top, and an additional inlay on the 7th fret, this Style 1 is slightly more fancy than the common Style 0.

This example is in 100% all original, perfectly intact condition. In surprisingly clean perfectly structural shape, this uke is void of cracks, top fatigue, bridge lift, etc. It is quite remarkable, and if not for some light pick wear on the treble side of the sound hole, the uke would most likely be considered to be in near mint condition by most experts.

An absolute gem, and an incredible value, this is a must have for vintage instrument collectors looking for an awesome uke, seasoned players wanting an additional investment-grade piece, or even the amateur uke enthusiast.