1926 Bacon & Day Silver Bell No. 2

Here is a vintage 1926 Bacon & Day Silver Bell No. 2 Plectrum banjo. This particular example, serial number 20503, is in very excellent all original condition and includes both the original hard shell case and the original Bacon tool! Whether you are looking for a fantastic foundation for a possible 5-string conversion, or one of the finest plectrum banjos ever made, this Bacon & Day Silver Bell is a beautiful all original intact example.

This 22-fret Silver Bell No. 2 features: a seven lap maple rim with a spun metal chamber top flange, a curly maple neck with 3-ply veneers through the center, a beautifully carved neck heel, pearl inlaid peghead and position markers, Planet tuners with pearl buttons, Oettinger tailpiece, Bestone arm rest, B&D Soft Pedal tone control, F-hole flange, silver plated hardware, the original hard shell case, and original Bacon adjustment tool.

Structurally, the banjo is in perfect condition with no breaks, no cracks, no repairs, and no modifications. There is some slight arm wear on the arm rest. The banjo exhibits minimal fret wear, with only very insignificant thumb wear where it would rest when playing in the open position. The banjo is missing one inlay and one very small flange screw, both of which are easily resolvable.

Easily one of the best sounding banjos we have had the pleasure of owning, this particular example is much more responsive and articulate than our last Silver Bell. Even with the odd bronze-wrapped acoustic guitar style strings, the banjo sounds fantastic. Great action, with an impeccably straight neck, this is a banjo for a true player, but nice enough to be appreciated by a collector.