1917 Gibson U Harp Guitar

This is a vintage 1917 Gibson Harp Guitar with the original hard case in very nice condition. It appears to have been dropped or banged, and though remains un-repaired, is otherwise intact and in quite remarkable cosmetic condition. The harp-guitar was produced by the Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Manufacturing Company from its inception. While its 1903 catalog featured three harp-guitar models, Styles R, R-1, and U, the first two were soon eliminated in favor of the Style U. With its ten sub-bass strings tuned chromatically from A-sharp to G-sharp, the harp-guitar was an ideal instrument to fill out the sound of the mandolin orchestra. The bass strings were to be plucked by the thumb, while the chords could be played, as on a conventional guitar, on the top six strings over the fretboard.
A very rare specimen, and the best wall-hanger of all time.

As can be seen from the photos, this U Harp guitar is almost entirely intact and, aside from an unfortunate crack/dent on the bottom of the guitar, is in excellent cosmetic condition. The bridge is missing (4) of the original bridge pins, and although I do not have replacements, the strings are not slipping. The original pickguard is intact, though one of the mounts has broken off and could easily be fixed with some super glue. The original case is in correspondingly excellent shape.