1911 Thomas Machell & Sons 5-Octave Dulcitone

Here is a vintage 1911 Thomas Machell & Sons 5-octave Dulcitone.This antique keyboard instrument features a tuning fork style tine to achieve it’s soft and beautiful tone. Most similar to a Celesta, the end result is a chime-like metallic personality, though the Dulcitone is less harsh and much warmer in character. Due to the substantial mass of the tone bars, in addition to, the limited thrust of the hammer motion, the Dulcitone is a very quiet and delicate instrument, which is inextricably related to it’s appeal. This particular example is in extremely excellent condition, and is perhaps the best example I’ve seen offered on eBay. I recently calibrated the tuning forks, and arranged them perfectly for optimized resonance. This is an easily transported instrument, which is quite rare for an 19th century design. The legs can folder under, to enable convenient moving, and the top folds flat, which both protects and enhances the compact nature when stored. This example is in 100% all original beautiful shape, so don’t miss out, because chances are you will never see another 5-octave this fine online for years to come!